Saturday, June 27, 2015

Here is my seventh poem.                                                                                     6/27/15


Dogs chase mail men,
but thats a myth.
Sometimes we beleive what we find withen.
The mail man comes the dogs bark
and that is the story of our ancient art.
In myths we beleive for we see through our hearts,
in what we have done to our very old art.
Myths teach us lessons
 they tell us our names,
but our art tells you to look for your

By: Caroline Lim
Here is my fifth poem.                                                                                          6/27/15


Trees describe us 
as we grow.
They know our history from beyond to below.
The redwoods, seqouias, the oaks too. 
Trees are different all around you. 

By: Caroline Lim
Here is my fourth poem.                                                                            6/27/15


Trees, birds, and vines too.
Inspiration is all around you.  
Birds sing, bugs fly as clouds go and float on by.
You fell the breeze you hear the sway.
As inspiration calls your name. 
But what you don't know is there's little things to...
when inspiration calls for you.  
You see inspiration is right next to you,
  You just don't see it in front of you.

By: Caroline Lim
Here is my third poem.                                                                              6/27/15

Window Washers

Window washers today they clean and sing above the spring.
As window washers do. 
But window washers aren't the same as they were yesterday.
Then one shouts, " Whatch out!" 
As one picks up screws.
Window washers wash the windows 
and say, " How do you do? "

Tommorow window washers come
the next week they come to.
As window washers wash the windows 
As window washers do.

By: Caroline Lim
Here is my second poem.                                                                                    6/27/15

Nature's Garden
Pine needles crunch,
birds sing.  Vines crawl as they ring,
around the trees up they go.  As Nature's Garden grows, grows, grows. 
I smell fresh needles as they sway flying up, up and away.
I feel the roughness of the bark in Nature's garden as I walk.
Ivy grows on the trees, while I listen to the breeze.
The grass rustles, creatures fly as I say Nature's garden goodbye.

By: Caroline Lim
Here is my first poem.                                                                         6/27/15

Red, green, yellow, or blue.
Flowers flowers all around you.
Marigold, Lavender, Roses or
Petunias, Daisies, Tulips, and more,
picking them is not a bore. 
If you pick them be sure to wear some gloves for the thorns!

By: Caroline Lim and friend

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This picture is my website picture. If any of you have read, The 5 little monkey series ,  you will notice this is from the book 5 little monkeys reading in bed.

          Hello, My name is Caroline.  I am going into fifth grade.  I like to write fictional stories.  Sometimes I write poems.  When I write a good story or poem, I always consider being an author.  About two days later I remeber, I want to be an engineer. They are not great stories,but I do want another person to read them just so I can think that my stories and poems are terrific. You can look at a couple of of stories on this. Please read some.  Even if you don't find any of them intresting thank you for checking out this website.  Thanks!  :)