Saturday, June 27, 2015

This is my website for my stories please feel free to read some!!!!

This picture is my website picture. If any of you have read, The 5 little monkey series ,  you will notice this is from the book 5 little monkeys reading in bed.

          Hello, My name is Caroline.  I am going into fifth grade.  I like to write fictional stories.  Sometimes I write poems.  When I write a good story or poem, I always consider being an author.  About two days later I remeber, I want to be an engineer. They are not great stories,but I do want another person to read them just so I can think that my stories and poems are terrific. You can look at a couple of of stories on this. Please read some.  Even if you don't find any of them intresting thank you for checking out this website.  Thanks!  :)

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